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DASSdance School Policies 2021 -22

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

DASSdance School Policies

The policies of DASSdance School are designed to promote an organized, professional studio and to create a positive learning environment for your child. By following these policies you will help create the best dance experience possible and help your child excel at the fine art of dance.


We work very hard to keep families informed throughout the year with frequent email communications and updates to our Website and Social Media. It is your responsibility to keep up to date by reading newsletters, e-mails, and checking the announcements and messages in the DASSdance Parent Portal.

Our main form of communication with families is through email. Please make sure you have an accurate email address registered through your parent portal account to receive communications and important studio information throughout the year.

We also share important reminders and updates through the DASSdance social media channels. Be sure to like and follow us on platforms that you frequent.

Important Contact Information

Daniel Wilkins | Artistic Director

Thera Langham Knapp | Program Director

Please contact our directing team via email with any concerns that you may be having. If you need to speak personally with a Director or Instructor, inquire with us to schedule an appointment for a private meeting so that we can make time to give you our full attention.

During and in between classes is not a good time to discuss concerns or ask in-depth questions.


The studio will usually follow the Seattle Public Schools decision on class cancellation for bad weather. DASSdance reserves the right to cancel classes at our discretion. Any classes that are canceled can be made up by attending another class close to the same level. If there is an unexpected closure we will contact all affected families via the email on file.

Breaks and Holidays

Please refer to our school year calendar to be aware of all regularly scheduled closures throughout the school year. Our tuition rates factor in all breaks and holidays throughout the year.


Good attendance is imperative, as frequent absences can disrupt student progress as well as hold back an entire class. If more than 4 classes are missed during a semester the dancer WILL NOT be allowed to participate in any upcoming performances. Missed classes may not be deducted from tuition payments.


It is important that students arrive on time and ready to dance. Late arrivals cause disruption to the entire class and risk student injury if not properly warmed up. If a student is more than 5 minutes late they will not be allowed to participate in a class that day.

Make-Up Class Policy

If for any reason your child cannot attend class due to illness or scheduled absence, they are encouraged to attend a make-up class within the month. (No extra charge for make-up.) Please email to arrange makeup classes.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Dancers may enter the building through the Republican Street entrance that will be open during class hours. The studios are located in Rooms 118 and 120.

Registration & Parent Portal

The parent portal allows you convenient access 24 hours a day to register for classes, update account info, download newsletters and studio policies. All the important info that you need is located in one convenient place. You can access the parent portal at

Registration Fee

DASSdance has a non-refundable $30 annual Registration Fee per family that is due upon enrollment each school year.

Tuition Payments

Tuition is billed on a monthly basis and is deducted from the payment method on file on the 1st of each month. Tuition is non-refundable and is paid to save your child's place in class.

If your student has decided to drop a class in the middle of a semester we require 30 days written notice.

There is a $36 fee for ALL returned checks and automatic payments.


Throughout the year there are multiple performance opportunities for all dancers at DASSdance. In fall we begin rehearsals for Seattle City Nutcracker which is performed in December. In January we begin rehearsals for All-4-1 Dancepalooza (performance in March). In Spring we begin rehearsals for our end-of-year production which performs in June.

Production & Costume Fees

Families participating in productions will be assessed a non-refundable production fee that helps cover costs associated with the production; rehearsal time with choreographers, event staffing, theatre rentals, etc.

We assume all dancers will participate in productions throughout the year unless they opt-out with written notice before rehearsals begin.

Production Fee Schedule:

Seattle City Nutcracker | $100 due October 10th

All 4 1 Dancepalooza | $100 due January 15th

Spring Production | $100 due March 15th

Costume Fees

Dancers performing in school production will be assessed a costume fee to cover the costs of costuming each show. This fee is in addition to the production fee.

All Classes (except creative) | $50

Creative | $25

You may pay money towards your Production and Costume fees at any time before it is due.

Production Fee Multi-Student Discount: Families with multiple dancers will only be charged $75 for each additional dancer per production. Discount does not apply to costume fee.

Please contact us if production or costume fees are a hardship for your family to participate in performance. We have limited performance scholarships available.

Mandatory Rehearsals

Dress rehearsals for performances are the week leading up to the shows. All dress rehearsals are mandatory for anyone wanting to perform in the shows. (Dancers who do not attend the dress rehearsal WILL NOT be allowed to perform in the shows).

Student Code of Conduct

Please go over our student code of conduct with your dancer to ensure you and your student are aware of what we expect of them as a dancer at DASSdance.

  • Demonstrate respect for yourself and your fellow students.

Keep your hands to yourself

Be safe with your body

Do not say negative comments to yourself or to your peers

Be encouraging and caring

  • Demonstrate respect for your teachers.

Listen when the teacher is speaking

Keep your eyes on the teacher to show focus

Raise your hand to ask questions

No unnecessary talking in class: In dance our body is how we communicate!

  • Demonstrate respect for your training.

Arrive to all classes and rehearsal on time

Be prepared and ready to dance in the appropriate attire.

  • Always work to the best of your ability

Progress builds pride

Achievements you have worked hard for are the most rewarding

  • DASSdance Keys to Athleticism & Artistry Accomplishment:



Hard work



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