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DASSdance aims to give our students a rewarding dance experience that allows them not only to build dance technique but also most importantly - pride in themselves. Creating a program that requires all students in every level to be taking the same classes builds a team spirit and allows students to inspire each other to new heights.

Our Programs

Our Program includes many performance opportunities throughout the year including our Nutcracker, All 4 1 dancepalooza, Spring Show and our  End of the Year Performance.

Dance Classes In Seattle, Wa

The DASSdance School has two studio spaces located at the MLK Fame Center in Madison Valley neighborhood of Seattle, WA. We offer classes for students age 2 years - Adult.



The study of Classical Ballet gives students a foundation in a traditional dance form that focuses on grace and precision. Students build muscle control, improve memory skills, learn to listen and move with music, and become conscious of overall body control.

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is a style of dance that began as a street art form and has been formally created into it a genre in its own right. Hip Hop encompasses styles such as breaking, locking, popping and freestyle. Dancers Will learn the technicality of dance while learning to explore their own artistry and while having fun in an action-packed environment. 

Grown Up & Me

Our Grown Up & Me classes were created with both parents and little ones in mind.  This class is an opportunity for you and your little one to play, bond, and get active together. Each class consists of stretching, games. and creative play. 


Contemporary dance is a style that builds off of techniques from other forms such as ballet and jazz. This creates a style that is both technically strong along with artistically rich. This art form gives dancers the opportunity to explore their creative side in a way that empowers and strengthens them from the inside out.


Jazz is a mix of classic styles from Bob Fosse, Jack Cole, and Jerome Robbins to name a few. It can have accents of lyrical, musical theatre, modern, folk dances of Africa, and contemporary styles such as hip hop. Jazz has many blurred lines at this point but a true classical jazz base is rooted in dance history.

Creative Dance

At DASSdance our Creative Dance class has been designed to introduce young dancers to the dance experience.  Each dancer gets to experience a playful introduction to stretching, jumping, musicality, and technique.


Build a solid foundation of acro skills including rolls, cartwheels, bridges, and supported handstands, then progress to more challenging skills such as front and back walkovers, one-handed cartwheels, and solo handstands once they are ready. Focus is on safe technique, building confidence and having fun! 


Tap classes teach precision and percussion combing elements of movement and music making. Students will learn rhythm and movement while dancing and getting out energy.  


At DASSdance we encourage boys to be a part of the dance world. Boys are welcome to take classes in all of the dance styles we teach in addition to dance classes tailored directly to being a boy in dance. 

Level Overview

Dancers move through levels based on age and skill level. As students progress they are expected to expand their dance experience by taking multiple classes a week in variety of dance styles. 

Creative Dance  |  Ages 2 - 4

Dancers in our creative classes will learn movement & beginning dance skills in a fun encouraging environment.

Level 1  |  Ages 5 - 6

Dancers in Level 1 dance classes will learn foundational dance skills from a variety of styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Acro Dance, Modern and Jazz. 

Level 2  |  Ages 7 - 8

As dancers progress through levels students will begin to refine their dance technique. Level 2 dancers  can take Ballet & Contempoary classes and are encouraged to take additional open level class in Hip Hop, Acro & Tap. 

Level 3  |  Ages 9 - 10

To refine technique Dancers in Level 3 are required to take 3 classes a week: Ballet, Jazz & Contemporary. Open level classes in Hip Hop, Acro and Tap are highly encouraged.

Level 4  |  Ages 11 - 12

In Level 4 Dancers are required to take 4 classes a week: Jazz, Contemporary & 2 Ballet Classes.  Open level classes in Hip Hop, Acro and Tap are highly encouraged.

Level 5  |  Ages 13+

Dancers in Level 5 are required to take 4 classes a week: Jazz, Contemporary & 2 Ballet Classes. Open level classes in Hip Hop, Acro & Tap are highly encouraged.

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