Covid: 19 Stories

from isolation to rebirth

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January 2nd, 2022 @ 5:00PM

General: $30    Student/ Senior: $25 

Broadway Performance Hall

1625 Broadway Avenue Seattle, WA 98122

Covid: 19 STORIES will be an investigation into the personal experience of isolation. Without our busy lives to distract us we have had the opportunity to delve deeper into oneself with positive and negative impacts deriving from that journey. With more time for self-discovery, we have unfolded layers. Sometimes those layers have covered up inspirational parts of oneself and then there are also areas that need attention and may have stifled our happiness or caused roadblocks to self-fulfillment. Relationships with romantic partners, family and friends have also experienced the same intimate journey.


Covid:19 STORIES will expose inner explorations of emotion and how that journey manifests itself in our world. The stories will be taken from the dancers and musicians as well as friends and our community. The performance will include intimate moments as well as our signature explosive All-Terrain dance style all with the intention of revealing more about our collective experience. The audience will also be asked to participate with questions and feedback as well as the creation of a new work inspired by a story from our audience. We hope the audience walks away feeling that some part of what they experienced during the pandemic was seen on stage and gives them tools to create something positive out of a challenging time.