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Costume Information for Seattle City Nutcracker Performers

For all dancers performing in Seattle City Nutcracker please see below information for the base layer dancers need to provide under their costume as well as hair and makeup information.


  • Girls- Skinned-toned tights and leotards for under costumes.

  • Boys- Wear a white tank top and black leggings. (please make sure underlayers are form-fitting to go under costumes)


  • All ladies must have hair in a bun.

  • Do not use a sock bun or any other accessories claiming to form the proper bun.

  • Do not use shiny barrettes.

  • Hair needs to be slicked back, no bangs, no wispys, use a lot of gel and hairspray

  • All buns need to be covered with a hairnet matching your dancers hair color, no crocheted or colored hair-nets allowed

  • Please send your dancer with extra bobby pins, hair supplies, & make-up for touch ups and to secure headpieces


  • Rose-colored blush

  • Rose or coral colored lipstick (dancers wearing masks will not need lipstick)

  • Light brown eyeshadow

  • Skin Tone matching foundation ( Level 3-6 only)

  • Black eyeliner and black mascara ( Level 3-6 only)

*Full hair and make-up is required for dress rehearsal and performance. Dancers should come to rehearsal and performance ready with full attire, hair and makeup.*


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