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Take a look at our alumni

Crystal Serrano,
Professional Ballerina

I trained under the direction of Helen and John Wilkins. Daniel would come in the Summer to teach the summer intensives, bringing a variety of movement and ideas. It wasn’t just ballet, he always came with innovation in mind. He also is a huge reason why I am a professional ballerina. He strongly encouraged my first audition and kept up the support from there on out. He is a great asset to the dance community.

Shannon Romeo,
Company dancer at
City Ballet of San Diego

Daniel was one of my very first dance teachers. To say he had a big influence in my career as a dancer is an understatement. From a young age he encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself everyday, while helping the little girl that I was, build the confidence to tackle the dance world as a professional. His classes were always fun and he had a lot of great knowledge to share with us. Daniel went above and beyond for his students. I remember he called my parents when I got into School of America Ballet at 14 years old, and helped convince them to let me go to New York on my own for that once in a lifetime opportunity! I don’t think they would have let me go otherwise! That’s just one of the MANY things he did to help me and my path and career as a dancer! Without him, I would not be where I am today!

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