Enrollment Now Open for Fall 2022

Click on "Register" next to the class you would like to register for and you will be directed to our Parent Portal which will allow you to set up registration, billing & password for your account. You will only need to input registration and billing information once for each family.

  • ​All Tuition is on a monthly basis and will be deducted on the 1st of every month

  • Annual registration fee is $30

  • To withdraw from any class, please email DASSdance with 30 days notice.

  • If you have any questions about attendance or classes, please email info@dassdance.org 

Learn more about our seasonal performances including Seattle City Nutcracker, Alice in Wonderland, and All 4 1 dancepalooza


Level Classes

At DASSdance, dancers move through levels based on age and skill level. As students progress they are expected to expand their dance experience by taking multiple classes a week in variety of dance styles. 

Open Classes