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DASSdance’s new modern day Nutcracker will inspire a new generation with...

                                           Mechanical doll lit with LEDs and flying above the stage

                                                   AI Robots in the battle scene appearing before your very eyes illuminated in black light

                                                            beautiful Shiva and her athletic partner hypnotizing you with amazing feats of grace

                                                              And a Land of the Sweets that travels across the globe from Qatar to Ukraine, India to China!


Seattle City Nutcracker is an unabashedly contemporary production showcasing Wilkins’ athletic All-Terrain melding of jazz, ballet, modern and acrobatics as well as tap and high flying aerial.


Purchase your tickets today to ensure you don't miss the excitement! See you at the premiere!!

Get to know the story of our new Nutcracker

This adventurous Nutcracker starts with Clara and her older sister Maria day dreaming about lands far away that they would like to visit. The sisters are at home at the Drosselmeyer Brothers (Dros Bros.) Fix-It Shop in the Central District. These Laurel and Hardy like characters not only take care of Clara and Maria they create magical toys for the neighborhood kids. But with the electricity out, the Dros Bros are not able to show off their creations. Frustrated, Clara storms off to the Mayor’s house to see if the Mayor might help. When the Mayor opens the door to invite Clara in, Clara is greeted by guests swing dancing. She is then introduced to the Mayor’s daughter who does not want to share her doll. The Mayor gives Clara their Nutcracker so that she can play with the other kids. Dros. Bros show up at the house and apologize for the disturbance. The Mayor and her husband very kindly invite them in with some of the kids from the neighborhood. Clara explains that they do not have electricity to showcase their mechanical dolls. The Mayors asks if they would like to show them off here. The neighborhood kids run home to get the dolls - a Boxing action figure, a Harleyquinn doll and a doll that leaps through the air held up with harnesses and lit with LED lights!
The guests are amazed and the Mayor thanks the Dros Bros and tells Clara she is welcome to keep the Nutcracker. Clara is thrilled!
All head home and the Dros Bros tuck in Clara and Maria. Soon Clara is startled by mini AI robots scurrying around then an AI Robotron enters and tries to take her Nutcracker but just in time the Nutcracker comes to life to defend Clara. The battle ensues ending with the Nutcracker and Ai Robotron engaged in an all out battle. Clara saves her Nutcracker by turning off Robotron. The Nutcracker leads Clara to the Land of Snow starting with meeting the figure skaters, icicles and hockey players. This jazzy take on snow is inspired by the unbridled fun of a winter day!
The Nutcracker and Clara continue their journey to the Land of the Sweets where she finds her sister Maria. Their dreams of traveling the world come to life as Spanish dancers, dancing Shiva from India, Hopak dancers from Ukraine, an aerial Chinese dance, African Flowers and an Ardah inspired dance from Qatar.
As Clara begins to wake up, we return to the Dros Bros Fix It Shop. The neighborhood kids have gathered to celebrate the holidays and together with the Mayor’s family turn on the holiday lights and celebrate!