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Dance Classes

Unleash Your Child's Power with Dance Classes

Is your child bouncing around the house to every song in their playlist? Help them focus all that energy with fun dance classes at DASSdance in Seattle, WA. Our instructors explore all disciplines and will introduce your child to the beauty of movement and music interpretation. We accept students as young as 1 year old and provide classes that grow with your child to the age of 16. Whether they want a pair of ballet slippers, taps, or the barefoot fun of contemporary, there is a class made for your busy kid.


What about the summer fidgets? We also offer summer dance programs. Click or call for a complete listing of all our programs. Our instructors are eager to meet your budding artist. Just think, your child gets to unleash all their energy while learning an art and improving self-discipline. It is a win-win for the whole family.