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All 4 1 Dancepalooza Showcasing Rising Stars of Contemporary Dance

 By Valeria Koulikova March 2, 2016 Arts & Entertainment

Photo courtesy of DASSdance

Dancers practice during an All 4 1 ballet class, which will be just one of many styles participants in this year’s event can sign up to experience

March 11-13 in Capitol Hill.

DASSdance is hosting its sixth annual contemporary dance festival, All 4 1 Dancepalooza, March 11-13 in Capitol Hill.

The three-day festival will host young rising stars and choreographers from all over the Puget Sound region in one place, showcasing the best of such diverse dance genres as ballet, hip hop and jazz.

“I’ve been trying to create a platform for people to see the next talent of tomorrow, especially those dancers that want to go on and become professional dancers,” said Daniel Wilkins, founder and producing artistic director at DASSdance. “I wanted to create a festival that celebrated all styles of dance and contemporary is a collision of all of them.”

DASSdance is a nonprofit that helps support Seattle’s performing arts community through its professional dance company, as well as organizing education programs for young people who want to pursue the art of contemporary dance. All 4 1 Dancepalooza is the nonprofit’s biggest annual event.

“If you are a jazz dancer or a hip hop dancer, you don’t really interact with each other, and I think that exposure makes it a place where people appreciate each other and create friendships,” Wilkins said. “When these kids from dance companies come to All 4 1, they get a chance to be exposed to all these different styles that they wouldn’t have otherwise and they love it.”
For three days, young dancers from diverse dance cultures will come together, colliding their stylistic expertise into something new and innovative. Though the majority of the dancers come from dance companies, anyone passionate about contemporary dance is welcome to sign up for the master classes and learn from the best in town.

On Friday, March 11, Wilkins will host contemporary and partnering classes at The Studios, 1801 Fifth Ave. The last couple of days will include dance classes at the Century Ballroom, 915 E. Pine St., with ballet teachings by Jonathan Porretta and Ariana Lallone, jazz by Tinka Dailey, Acro by Jill Marissa, modern by Joshua Crouch and hip hop by Koach Tee Giggz.

A Kutt'N'Up performance

“I’m all about finding the highest level and the most exciting teachers that I can get,” Wilkins said. “It’s not just their national or international experience in the world of dance, but I’m also looking to see how they are going to deal with different levels and cultures and how are they good on taking on classes with over 80 kids in the classroom.”

On Saturday and Sunday, March 12-13, classes will be followed by performances by the dance companies that have been preparing for the event during the year. Performances will take place just around the corner from the Century Ballroom at the Broadway Performance Hall, 1625 Broadway, and feature sneak peeks from such local dance companies as Kutt’N’Up, Northwest Ballet, Studio West Dance Academy, Whidbey Island Dance Theater and more.

The list of companies keeps growing annually and more companies want to bring their dancers to take part in this unique contemporary style festival. It all started with just around five companies through Wilkins’ connections in the dance community and has grown to more than a dozen through word of mouth. Some companies like Kutt’N’Up have been participating since the event’s start in 2011.

“It’s one of my favorite events to attend annually, and I make it mandatory for all my students,” said Koach Tee Giggz, founder and choreographer at Kutt’N’Up. “I’m introducing our unique style and culture to the ballet, jazz and all other genres of dancers that would never have a chance to be introduced to hip hop. Daniel uses me as key holder to that door, and I really appreciate him for that.”
Koach Tee Giggz with students after teaching a class at 2015 All 4 1
Giggz has become a valuable part of the program over the years. He doesn’t just teach a class and has his company perform, he’s also become a big advocate and a promoter of the event in his community, bringing the diversity of the Central District to the festival.

“I’ve seen All 4 1 originally being marketed toward the classical dancers, such as ballet and jazz, and because we’re urban hip hop and come from the inner part of Seattle, we bring diversity to the crowd,” Giggz said. “It’s beautiful for me to watch and see how my community has formed an appreciation for something as small as taking classes and having the advantage such as this festival to be a part of so many classes during just this one weekend. It’s a beautiful networking experience.”

Young dancers that come to the festival don’t just walk away with new dance skills, they develop friendships, find new mentors and learn about what it takes to become a professional dancer.

“All 4 1 was my favorite event while I was at Kutt’N’Up,” said Makia Williams, who recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a professional dancer. “I really enjoyed meeting new people and new choreographers; people from whom I can take from and who can teach me something.”
Williams added people should come with an open mind and not feel intimidated.

“Everybody’s there to learn something and have fun — it’s the best of both worlds,” she said. “It’s always fun to grow with other people who are in the same boat as you.”

For more information and tickets, visit www.dassdance.org/all-4-1-dancepalooza-2016.html


Jr. Level Dancers: Ages 8-11
Sr. Level Dancers: Ages 12+