3201 E Republican St, Seattle, WA 98112

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Acrobatics Classes

Ballet Dance Classes: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Brilliance

Are the kids attempting to create the next viral dance move but are struggling to find their balance? Ballet dance classes can provide the next great modern dancer the tools needed to take their art to the next level. Ballet students at DASSdance will learn the fundamental basics of movement, discover how to stay balanced in a turn, and how to land safely after an epic leap. We start them young with classes for ages five and up available every fall. Our studio is fully equipped with a spring floor that protects active, growing bodies.


You won't find our kids dancing to Swan Lake or other overly familiar standards, but exploring contemporary classics and their individual abilities. Click or call to sign up for the next ballet dance session. Refocus all their creativity and energy in a safe and supportive environment while they have a blast.